cadi catlow was born on 30th december 1977 in chester and enjoyed a fairly bizarre childhood on top of various soggy mountains in wales and cumbria. in 1996 she established award winning claymation studio 3 bear animations with her two sisters bryony and linnhe, and worked on a wide variety of short films and commercials as director, writer, animator and lighting camerawoman.

in 2005 she moved away to london to work as animatronics assistant on features 'harry potter and the order of the phoenix' and 'children of men', and followed these with 2 years of work as lead animator on productions including childrens tv series 'dragon III', internet series 'd11b' and tv series 'eckelsteins' for frankfurt-based scopas medien ag, and two 30 minute specials 'haunted hogmanay' and 'glendogie bogey' for ko-lik films ltd in edinburgh.

while working at scopas medien, cadi met stop motion director andy kaiser and they have now joined forces to create the new berlin-based production company the end of the pier films.

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