&uarr Linnhe Harrison was born in Chester in 1977 and enjoyed a biazrre childhood tucked up the Welsh hills making dens and playing with plasticine. In 1996 she helped establish and run claymation studio 3 Bear Animations, with clients including Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and Dulux ICI the studio won several awards in the industry and gave Linnhe a good grounding in traditional animation and a passion for design.

In 2007 she qualified as an RYA dinghy instructor and now really enjoys combining pixels and css with luffs and bowlines.

&larr Also on the GumboLimbo team is Cameron Ross - a qualified software developer with 5 years experience in web development. He is particularly proficient in PHP and advanced Javascript applications and has worked on web projects of all shapes and sizes, with clients ranging from his mum's school to the BBC.

He has a passion for making the web useful and engaging for everyday people in new and interesting ways.